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“TULLY” Highlights The Harsh Truth Between Prime Women & Post Wall Women|The Rise of Depressed Women

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Published on 18 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

Shout out to subscriber Treacherous J Slither for recommending this movie "Tully" to us. Definitely a movie that provides food for thought. An honest look on Modern life, modern relationships and modern dating from a prime and post wall perspective. Original video is on Patreon because of copyright infringement.

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Max_Dominate 2 months ago

Is that Charlise Theron, playing a post-wall, blown-out THOT? This is what they call life imitating art. In the past few years, she's been complaining that she's single and can't get any guy to "step up". No! Enjoy the next forty years of being alone, drinking boxed wine, and riding your electronics.

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Max_Dominate 2 months ago

The CC discussed in plain sight. Eventually, women tell on themselves. This clip is pure vindication for the manosphere.

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Longshanks 2 months ago

I don't remember who said it but here's the line:

"Our generation will have to deal with never before seen rates of addicts that will be forced to quit cold turkey."

From the loss of their ability to ride the carousel, the internet putting human nature on full display, and economic reorganization/automation - Winter isn't Coming, it's Here.

What's worse is I don't even see a course correction in the works. China and most of the rest of the world has long ditched feminism and fake empowerment movements. As TFM says we're really going to hit the Wall at full speed.

Kinda looking forward to it.

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DutchCobbler 2 months ago

Offer a child the choice between a sack of candy or a basket of veggies.
Offer a young woman no strings and no reproach or total acceptance and no restraint.

In both scenarios you will see more sick people than healthy, because women, like children, reason emotionally and expect others to take responsibility for their safety. Unlike children, men cannot take responsibility for women because unlike children, men have no authority over women. Look to our history and the histories of many patriarchal societies and see that reproach and restraint made women happier, while hedonism and 'freedom' only made women miserable as they dragged their families, communities, and societies down with them.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 2 months ago

I like this bloke.

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