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Truss 'is finished' - Ex-Cabinet Minister says PM will be ditched in months as she admits mistakes

Published on 04 Oct 2022 / In Film & Animation

Only qa FEFAIL could FUCK UP like this in the airy fairy world of Gynocentric Matriarchal Politic's! lol! She could be the shortest stay PM in british history and it had to be a fucking WOMAN to take that SHAMEFUL honor! Look at New Zealand under a nazi commu8nist psycho BIATCH, who seems to have a danfgerous delusion of owning the world? JEWcinda HARDON, that cunt really has a bonner for power doesn't IT? Then their is the currently very quiet Jimmy Cranky Sturgeon? something stinks of fish there as well! women are going to destroy the planet because just because they create BABY'S (which by the way they NEED a MAN to do), women generally are very destructive lazy and arrogant to say the very least. A case of FUCK YOU "JACOLINE", I'M OK!

That Truss women by her very name is just like a TRUSS proping up a broken society in the UK! She is not quite fat enough to be a Land Whale Bone Truss but I'm sure on OUR money she will become a fatter cat!

Putting a FEFAIL incharge of anything is like giving a baby aloaded gun to suck on as a passifier, you kind of know the risk don't you! lol!

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sauger1001 12 months ago

Women (like this talking head) continue to prove why many don't belong in the decision making conversation. It's not even emotion, but stupidity in this conversation.

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Shrike777 12 months ago

Chick's a fucking socialist. So willing to spend others money.

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PatrickOFarrell 12 months ago

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