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Trump Wants Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

Published on 31 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

Trump now pushing a full on police state to his audiences. But as he gets tough on dealers Eric Peters points out, what about "DRUG PUSHERS" like Fauci and Trump who forced you to buy, then forced you to use their toxic garbage?

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I used to trust and like Trump and now there are videos of him having meetings with Claus Schwabb and the rest of the idiot fucks at the World Economic Forum...

AND I am thinking a while ago, "These bogus vaccines failed all the testing, there have been immense global government pressures and the bullshit main sleaze media cover ups and promotion of the deceit and huge amounts of deaths from a vaccine that does not vaccinate and it kills for a disease that barely even registers and only with serious co-morbidities - and this fucking cunt - knows NOTHING about any of this shit and and has done nothing to stop this being forced upon the world population....

HE with all his network of smart and informed people know nothing and do nothing?

Trump is a cunt.

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