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True Paranormal Popp Stories | Live From The Lair

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Published on 19 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣When you’ve been on death’s doorstep, it tends to visit you more often.
#LiveFromTheLair #Supernatural #Paranormal

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Terrence - Next time someone appears - engage with them and talk with them....
I have been in these places and have done these things.
It's worth while.

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I have experienced some truly trippy death things....
So there are some people who are grounded in legitimacy, and some who are not.
Hence observe, pay attention, and respect.
Minus people declaring flat earth, Atlantis, UFO's and mysterious entities from other dimensions.

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hqwebsite 11 days ago

More please! Thanks Popp!

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TANGO666 12 days ago

have a good father's day Terrence Popp. hope the little bitches appreciate you. i do. you are a good man, although an evil genius. i think yer just a softy, and that's a good thing.

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Bagoodman 12 days ago

Good stuff - I also have seen things that just cant be explained - It' a strange World .

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