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Transitioning 13 Year Old Girl - MGTOW

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Published on 30 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

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DETRANSITION: My story, and what I wish I knew

The Teen With The Bionic Arms | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous. He wanted me to read a story called The Transition and give him my feedback on it. It's a bit on the long side so I'll do that in a sec. But first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, here's what Mr. Anonymous has to say in his story The transition: Scene 1: Tina Smith, a 13 year old biological female, is sitting across from her parents at their kitchen table. Tina: “I have been waiting a few years to tell both of you this, but I can’t hold this in any longer. I was born in the wrong body, and I want to transition to the body and identity I know I am supposed to have.” Both of Tina’s parents were silent, with their mouths agape, and for a moment, Tina thought they were going to call her crazy, and race her to an emergency psych ward. Tina says: “I knew it! I never should have told you!” Tina’s Mom: “Honey, we would never think you have a mental issue.” Tina’s Dad: “I am so happy that you felt comfortable sharing this with us. We are here for you and will do all we can to help you transition to the body you should have been born with.” Tina burst out crying as she ran around that kitchen table and group-hugged them. With tears flowing down her cheeks and over her mouth, Tina said. “Thank you thank you thank you.. I love both of you so much. You have made me so happy and I now know even more sure that God made a mistake putting me in this body.” Scene 2 8 months have passed since the breakfast table reveal. We find ourselves in Tina’s psychiatrist's office. Tina and her parents are present. The Psychiatrist says: “Hello Tina. I did not tell you last week, but today is the most important day. That is why I asked your parents to sit in on our session. I hold in my hand my official letter stating that you are mentally ready to go through with your transition surgery. Remember, there are many ignorant people who will tell you that you have a mental illness called body dysmorphic disorder. They will tell you that you were born with all of the body parts that you were supposed to have. Many will tell you that at 13, you are much too young to have a surgery that cannot be reversed. Trust me, as your psychiatrist, none of these things are true.” Scene 3 Eight weeks after the final psychiatrist session they went to a School Board planning & budget meeting. Board of Ed President: “Tina, Mr. Smith and Ms. Klein-Smith, on behalf of the entire Board of Education, I have to express our sincere respect for your bravery and confidence. You are truly an example to all of us. We are here to let you know that we have approved all of the modifications in the high school where Tina will be attending in September. The total cost is $750,000. If you want to see the full details of the spending within that budget, it is in the handouts you found on your seats when you arrived. I assure you, it includes all of the requests your attorney made.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Nice curveball. Frankly, I was seething through the majority of the story. All the way until... she became a double amputee.

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I mean I have met people who really believe that they have the wrong gender body. They ARE male or female, in the wrong body - you can see it in their personailty - the girl who wants to dress like a boy and who wants to play with toy trucks in the sand pit and the boy who wants to wear make up and dresses and plays with dolls etc.

But the apparently huge wave of cross gender psychosis... where the parents are usually insane.... and the mother is a cunt and the father is cucked and spineless.....

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thisisamgtowaccount 2 months ago

A young person in my ex-wife's extended family fit that profile. In this family, the mother was was physically both tall and obesee. Earlier in her life, she had apparently been a member of a cult, from which her family had helped her to leave. Her husband was also tall and obesee, but rather meek and quiet. He seemed to be just enduring life (I barely knew him, but that was my perception). Together they had two adopted sons and no biological children. One was from an Eastern European orphanage. The other from another race from a birth mother in the the USA. In that family context, and even worse, the context of a public school, the younger son expressed gender dimorphia. There was so much obvious disfuncion and trauma in that family. They were always get kind and generous to me, so I'm not saying that spitefully. Rather, it's just an observation of a gender dysmorphic boy who was about 10 years old, very obese, black with non-black parents, who was trying to cope with life. It's no shock that he expressed some strange trans ideas. From what I understood, the family kept his desire to cross dress private for a while before affirming his that his desires were acceptable. It didn't seem like the mom was directly projecting this on to to him.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

The West naturalizes mental illness and the consequences of that will be seen in a few years. Here in Manginitna, the government has just passed a law whereby, those who do not perceive themselves as Female or Male, can put an X in "Sex" on their National Identity Document.

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What about those of us who identify as XXX? My pronouns are HimmyJizzy and BangSnatch. I am also undergoing Psycho Aural Cleansing surgery, so I can transition from XXX to XXXX.

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eldrazi317 2 months ago

That’s why I don’t see a point of having children in a place that will simply take what is yours by divine providence.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Just remember how free you are when July 4th rolls around. Wave that flag over the free-dumb and demawkracy that we're blessed with. We fought Nazi Germany to make the world safe for LBGTQ and the Jews who are destroying 500 years of progress. Watch a Gay Pride Parade and see what Hitler would've deprived us of. The Electric Jew is pumping the COVID hoax and tranny rights 24/7. That mean ol' Adolph Hitler would've deprived us of "vibrancy" and "diversity." I pulled down my U.S. flag after Biden was sworn in but waited until the garbage day after July 4th so, the Stars n' Stripes could be hauled away with the rest of the trash. Doesn't matter what it USED to represent. It is a flag of betrayal now.

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bigintol03 2 months ago

@InfiniteMushroom: Pure truth as usual!

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