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To the guy who wants to know why he's lonely and sad


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Published on 26 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

Even the people who tell you what a bad person you are have felt the same pain that you have.

Every single person has a story, and that means that every single person is interesting. If you haven't had a conversation about how interesting your life is in a while, then you've got a lot to talk about with those people you haven't met yet.

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Markkenga 1 year ago

Almost every Boy, Man, and elder already knows this.

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DutchCobbler 1 year ago

The wisdom of a very young woman that has almost no life experience, and what life experience she has came from a place of extreme protection, insulation, and worship on the internet. When your life is required in selective services, grade schools to college teach toxic femininity courses, and special laws are made to protect the gender you aren't, all media devalues your gender and promotes violence against you, you are the higher suicide risk, and every court in the land begins favoring men over women, I might entertain the possibility that she would know what loneliness by ostracism is really like. Until the day comes, which it won't, then this was flatulence from a child.

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I made it to 44 seconds and had to turn her off...

It's that god awful combination of teen age girl incessant chatter and an evolving form of nagging....

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DutchCobbler 1 year ago

I got to the 1:20 mark right after she apparently loses he train of thought and just kind of hobbles on affirmations and trying to remember what she was rambling about.

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@DutchCobbler: There are many good reasons to be single - she is one of them.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 1 year ago

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I understand the want to associate, but it is NOT a need. Being raised by a single mother, being "taught" hypergamy to go after the best female I could get and never settling, really exhausted me.
I found that being Okay with myself was more important than social acceptance. I found groups of people that I could have fun with, but I need time on my own to recharge and finding balance important.

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DutchCobbler 1 year ago

This would depend on a number of mitigating factors. I, for example, and more of a sigma personality, and very much introverted. Most men are introverted, where women are herd animals. She speaks from a place of subjectivity and makes assertions based on a very narrow window of experiences.

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Mustang 1 year ago

I am alone but not lonely. I have a few friends but I find that most people are backstabbers, selfish, and only care about themselves. The people who are supposed to love, care, and accept you (family & relatives) are often times the very ones who hurt and reject you and stab you in the back. That's been my experience.
I like being alone.
I like living by myself.
I like doing things and going places by myself.
The MGTOW Monk lifestyle suits me just fine.
At 70 years old, I have no intention on changing now. Being single has a lot of advantages.

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HairlessMonkey 1 year ago

I'm 68 and agree totally. I love seeing my family for the holidays but I'm not driving for 6 hours to see them at my age. I like being alone even if it's the holidays, and I don't apologize for it. Have a great holiday season sir.

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