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Tinder IS real life.

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Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

Addressing a common cope, unfortunately sometimes even in incel circles. "Online dating isn't real life, your studies are wrong". Looking at women's BEHAVIOUR behind closed doors is the most accurate indicator of what they are truly attracted to.

With the rampant use of dating apps/social media, women KNOW they can get Chad's attention any time. Which makes normie-tier males effective SMV plummet. One of the reasons why you see so many average looking men struggling in the dating scene and self-identifying as incel.

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RickyLux 24 days ago

Damn, the way that guy was treated on that podcast was just fucking awful. No professionalism at all, not even manners. Holy hell. And you're right, they wouldn't have the guts to do that shit face to face. Lol.

Personally, my reaction in that with their little examples would be to simply state that exceptions prove the rule. Otherwise there wouldn't be thousands of disabled men out there without any poon between 'em. I would also likely tell that loudmouth flat out that if we were face to face he wouldn't dare speak to me with such hostility and idiocy.

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MGTOW_MONK 1 month ago

I hope all blue pill rope

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