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Timcast IRL - WW2 Propaganda Was Wild! #shorts

Published on 28 Jan 2023 / In News & Politics

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John_Doe 2 months ago

The naivete on display here is staggering. It's been studied and postulated that if humans couldn't/didn't lie, it would be impossible to develop a society any more complex than primitive hunter-gatherers.

I'm all for transparency and truth and have and continue to build toward simplifying my life to be more closely aligned with our primitive forebears. But if you're going to enjoy the fruits of civilization (e.g. speaking into a microphone while filming a podcast over the internet), then you have to accept that lying is a necessary evil that makes all of that possible, regardless of how indirect it may be.

The ability to hide your intentions from those who would do you harm and capitalize on such information if they had foreknowledge of it is absolutely essential to survival in a complex civilization where competition for resources, territory, and power is an ever-present struggle.

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