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TikTok TradWives | What Happened To Women?


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Published on 28 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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#tradwives #tiktok

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Time stamps:
0:00 What Are Women?
1:00 Ad break
1:59 Happy Women’s History Month
2:37 Rise Of The TikTok TradWife
14:27 Does Society Hate Femininity?
17:42 Is It Possible To RETRVN TO TRADITION????
20:49 In conclusion

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Never_Again 2 months ago

My soon to be wife & I met at a car accident I witnessed 1 block away from my 1st apartment on my own, she 16yo, me 17yo. She lived 1/2 block behind my parked car as the cops @ wreckers cleaned up the in 4 way Stop intersection. Here comes a hot lil' ass bare back on her handsome horse. Of course being a shy BOY I spoke up, "Hot Damn I can't Decide If That Hot Blonde or That Handsome Horse is Better Looking ... or something similar. Hey, that was 1978, give me a fucking break ...

Long story short she walked up to my apartment, came on in & LOOKED everywhere for dis-order, dirty clothes, dishes out of place SHIT, kept asking if I hired a maid, where is your mommy & such silly sit. The Bitch.! She sized me up back to back for height, I turned around then ... then ... then ... that Hot Bitch Blue Eye Blonde JUMPED on Me Wrapping Her Hot Legs (rod steward) as She DID Expect Us FUCK Our Lights OUT ! We had Our Lil' Girl ~14mo Later as Man & Wife. Yes, We Both of Wealthy Families, Her Regional, Me World-Wide. Sue Me. Or Nut Ya Have NO Chance In Hell With My Counter Claims. wink-wink :)

#MGTOW.TV #MGTOW ... Have a Great Day ! ...

   1    0
Never_Again 2 months ago

She Be Carbon Copy ... Folks at Movie Theaters Were Rather Fun To Fcuck With LOL

   0    0
sauger1001 2 months ago

This "chick" sounded like a dude, or in the words of Aerosmith: "Dude Looks Like A Lady".

   1    0
TheRedKnight 2 months ago

LOL, thats shoe on head, shes a popular youtuber, political, funny punch lines, meh :P

   2    0
Never_Again 2 months ago

@TheRedKnight: She has much more since she began on YT exposing bull shit "reality" with her sense of humor. :)

   2    0
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