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Thot Panel Define A High Value Man

Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

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Zalix512 20 days ago

Just got banned from Facebook for 30 days when I posted the video about the porn star becoming a respectable citizen.

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sithsith 21 days ago

Current day wymain inspire themselves to be cum dumpsters , what a wonderful way to end up alone , and miserable!!

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 21 days ago

The problem I see is most women doesn't know what men look for in a woman, and if they do, they don't want to work at becoming that, because responsibility is hard.

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Mustang 21 days ago

Wow, this was really painful to watch.
#1. All are 49ers. (4's who think they are 9's, hattip CoachGregAdams)
#2. Weird hair, profanity, and Tats. All HUGE turnoffs!!!
#3. All overweight.
#4. All are unfeminene.
#5. I would never consider wifeing any of them up.
#6. All are on the verge of Hitting The Wall.
#7. All are extremely self-centered. Not one word about being a blessing and helpmate to her future husband.
#8. Not one single one of them would respect her future husband. Not one. They all are your typical modern, bossy, disrespectful, materialistic, money loving Black Woman.
Any questions on why I have chosen the MGTOW Monk Lifestyle?!?!?! In my humble view, there is no other choice for today's modern man. Relationships & Marriage RIP.

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MrA_H0Ie 21 days ago

Comments like this help to avoid wasting my time on shit that I already know. You saved me 22 minutes. Thanks.

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