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This women is honest, she is not afraid to tell you, what she really does for a living.


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Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Other

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TheDemonKing 4 months ago

I guarantee this woman is NOT practicing safe sex or verifying her partners don't have std's
there's a reason genital herpes is approaching a 1 in 4 infection rate and soon half of the human population will be infected with an std
And yes,the muslim populations are riddled with these diseases....open up the old testament and it'll confirm these infections have been all over the middle east for thousands of years....and the grapists aren't asking questions when they commit mass rapes of entire communities and they sure as hell don't care about spreading the diseases to their victims.
The only silver lining on this dark cloud is that all these sluts are lining up to receive their "coof vaccines" along with all their SIMP Marxist commie buddies. So by 2030 they'll all be dead....all we have to do is survive and re-establish patriarchy after everything falls apart
Dictator of China recently made a speech where he called out that the corporations plan to depopulate the earth is the greatest threat to their communist government....and every other government body on the planet! Even the fucking Chi-Coms are worried about the corporations and calling them the biggest threat and the greatest evil on earth.
When the guys who happily killed hundreds of millions of their own people are calling corporations more evil than they are....it's time to open up your ears open up your eyes and realize wtf is happening
That THOT is literally a pre planned brainwashed creation of the global corporate depopulation agenda....her personality has been carefully crafted since early childhood by the people who are really in charge. She hasn't made one free decision her whole life she's just doing what powerful rich men told her to do
And she'll never stop until her rights are taken away

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Yep! the boat is sinking, but I got my lifeboat ready! lol! It also only holds one!

   1    0
mrghoster 4 months ago

Very true age has it's advantages regarding fucking and whores. The occasional Wank or Fapp I think the US Guy's call it? does the job for me!

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Councilof1 4 months ago

I agree at least she's honest.

   3    0
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