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This New Study Makes Women Look SO BAD (or even WORSE? Is this even possible?)

Published on 06 Feb 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Copy Paste Comments from the Youtubes:


This is especially astonishing to me! as This is literally what an 80 year old man (the father of my friend) once told us.

He said and I quote : "Once a woman has gone bad, its over, there is no turning back".

I at the time challenged him and said no way man, people can change, and he sternly stood on his ground and said , once a woman takes part in such activity, she is done for good!

It was nearly a decade ago and this study really proves one thing to me, the older generations had believes that were 100% true and out of past experiences.

They couldn't convey it in a scientific form/tone, and us failing to act based on those believes made us all suffer.


I think that for females, the excitement and feeling's they get by sleeping with different partners is a bigger high than the regret of doing so is low so they keep doing it. Even if they find "the perfect mate" they will cheat to get that sleeping around high feeling again. I believe this is permanent. There's no going back.


Age 30 I was seeing a woman 3 years older than me. She was divorced and had a 4 year old son. She told me I was naïve about how women really are. At that time she was not working. I fell into a habit of taking her little boy on excursions on Friday afternoons. We would return by 6PM and go out for dinner.

So, my girl friend said if I took Joey at 5PM to the sidewalk in front of two bars on Westport Road, I could get all the dates with younger women I wanted. Just stand there.

The next Friday I took Joey to Westport Road at 5 PM and just stood there with him. Right away, a girl came out of the bar, introduced herself, and cooed at Joey.

Then she patiently gave me the look and waited for me to get her phone number. After a couple minutes she shrugged and returned to the bar. Then another young woman came out of the bar and exactly the same routine ensued.

Joey and I went to pick up his mother and get some food.


1950: Man meets woman. Man marries woman. Man and woman have children. Man, woman, and children are a family.

2021: Man remains virgin until 25. Woman has slept with 30 different men by 25.

Man pays prostitute for first sexual encounter. Woman goes entire life without having a husband or children because she refuses to settle for an average man, despite the fact that she is also only an average woman.


I'm 44 years old. I have studied/worked in a female dominated field for about 25 years. I have a lot of female friends. None of this surprised me at all.

All my female friends in their 30s and 40s who aren't married are all making the same dating mistakes and sleeping with the same kinds of men as when they were in their 20s.


Side note: stop letting these women get away with calling these regrets "mistakes". Hold them accountable. They are not mistakes, you don't "mistakingly" have casual sex, as if you just happened to fall into this in the same way a person trips and falls over an obstacle.

No, these are active decisions, not mistakes, you ACTIVELY choose to casually seek attention, flirt, walk into a bedroom, take off your clothes, and then finally sleep with a man.

Don't let women soften their active bad decisions by calling them mistakes, those are not the same in the slightest.

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eldrazi317 5 days ago

I think the emotion of regret is there only to help the female better manipulate her male target. During more dangerous times it’d actually improve the females chance of survival if the male or groups of males felt bad for her.

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MrHolmes 6 days ago

That's a really long ass way of saying that we are surrounded by a bunch of Sluts who like being Sluts and are going to continue to be Sluts.

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Thevisionary1 7 days ago

So essentially, for the human race and the species to be kept in equilibrium, the female must be controlled and dominated by the men in a patriarchal society where sexual behavior, social exposure, and stimulus or controlled and managed.

The female must be kept stupid and under control so that her natural behavior to be sluts/whores/immoral/and unethical is kept in check.

So basically all of the old school ancient wisdom from religious and philosophical books were right on the money regarding why women must be kept in check and under the complete authority of men.


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We are not a step up from chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, seals, dogs, cats, mice etc., we are a step sidewards.

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MrHolmes 6 days ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: Whites are a step up from apes. Not blacks or Meztezos or whatever the hell they are called.

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@MrHolmes: No we are not......

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red maple
red maple 11 days ago

The study was based on the myth that women (and people) learn from their actions.

Guy talking, near the end, blamed the society indoctrination, that this is not the natural nature of women.

Men want to believe what they want about women.

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There are things that are almost totally true, there are things that are somewhat true and there are things that are not very true at all. We need scrutiny and discernment.

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CatFoodMillionaire 13 days ago

alex dude+ "scientists" is simping. females are following their biology today. The only reason why it was healthier in the past was because Men were in control and gave negative consequences for 304 behavior.
Preaching to the choir here; Females do not possess morality. That requires having internal values which would compromise her position in the Hive Mind if she was a free thinker. And they are incapable of problem solving because they don't understand abstractions or have linear thinking ability. They are NPCs in a game that will continue to walk into the Wall forever, unless guided by Men.

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