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This Land was Made for Hu and Mei | Grunt Speak Shorts

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Published on 13 May 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters, China is buying it all.
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#gruntspeaklive #foodshortages #globalismiscancer

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ShadowMonk 13 days ago

I really wonder if Cujo is a real demonic entity in real lost Chinese mythology that the CCP secretly worship.

This may seem like an ordinary tangence, but when I started thinking about it it’s like a Pandora’s box opened, Instead of being a St. Bernard from the movie, Cujo is actually a creepy chinese cress with a round head/short snout, He’s like something out of a pennywise and paranormal activity movie. Also has a full coat of bloody stained matted fur and his curved pupils light up like four way flashers as he’s ready to attack and it’s pretty creepy...Like Shampoo smelling fur as dread and breath smelling rotting blood both to create a smell of fear and evil.
Approximately 5:09 AM

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Councilof1 14 days ago

They're exporting topsoil? That's really bad.

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If the soil is fertile - the top soil is where all the food crops grow.
2 Billion people in China = HUGE amounts of aerobically hot digested compost.
It's about time all these thieves were shot.

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Terry De Banka

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