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This Is Why Women Are AFRAID Of The Wall | Subscribe To @hidanthemummy

Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

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CobaltSteel 11 days ago

It's because we can't trust you women to not screw us over...so no relationship for you.

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lyhyemmat 11 days ago

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They play the field, until they run out of games and players to play them with.
They remind me very much of people always entering Lotto and gagging for the big win....
They would have just started a business and earned a million, instead of spending a million.

They seem to be addicted to the crazy, the lazy and the bullshit - and it's one drama, after another, after another...

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TripeSwing 11 days ago

I just watched a vid of a guy going to Mexico to find nice ladies. He said they don't do the multi-dating there. He says they keep it one at a time. I'm disgusted with Western(ized) females.

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