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This Is Why Guys Will Continue To Guard Their Own Wallets (Analysis)

Casual Bachelor
Casual Bachelor
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Published on 20 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

How to Spot: #Analysis #Reaction #React
How are things looking out there in your area of the world going forward?

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HairlessMonkey 2 months ago

3:05 Who did she have an affair with Shrek?

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

That bitch needs to get her TEETH FIXED....shit that wont help she nasty as hell.

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

Being bald is a deathnail to winning females...
My god... it is So EASY for females to get relationships and sex.

08:20 Solid observation: They want trust; within the AFFAIR, but forsake it in the Actual MARRIAGE!!??
What kind of bitch brain thinking is that...?

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Fangs13 2 months ago

there is 3,776,294,273 3billion 776million 294thousand and 273hundred men in the world in 2017.
richest people in the world are only 10.
women see only 10 , and have 3,776,294,273 invisible. .. you are telling me that 3,710,295,643 3billion 710million 295thousand and 643hundred women ALL desire the same 10 men! and they ignore all the others! .... amazing!

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