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This is Why 'Nice Guys' Finish Last w Women

Texting Prince
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Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

You know the phrase 'nice guys finish last'? This video will examine why that is.

This is lesson 4 from my 5 lessons women learned in the year 2020 livestream.



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Fangs13 1 month ago

swipe left if you are political! swipe right to worship me!
uninstalls the garbage without a second thought.

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Fangs13 1 month ago

if he has to be always thirsty for his whore she should also be always thirsty for him! and nobody else other than him!
being "eager and ready" what did you do for him to be eager and ready? "magical vagina?" yeah ... have you ever before called his penis Excalibur, or something similar? i doubt it ... it's more likely that your vagina is enchanted with magical STDs! that had he knew about he'd run away from you faster than running from a ..... predator??? wait YOU ARE ALREADY A PREDATOR!
and if "he doesn't play along" she knows "she's A WHORE!" and he's NOT interested in whores!
and replace the image of a guy being pulled by his tie, with a guy pulling a whore by her hair with pained expression on her face, and a whip being visible in his hand! and see how will the whorenet react!
if my "nonexistent" bitch started tying her hair up, i'd think she's getting ready to work out and ignore her... "highlight nonexistent" because i'm not THAT stupid to get one.
"1st video, yeah HOW FUNNY it is to ridicule men.. it's so funny ..." but if you show a guy going in front of his bitch, carrying a wallet taking out money and counting it before her eyes, and then putting the money back, she says: i thought you were going to give me some!
and he says: sorry it's a tiktok prank! i'm even recording it ...
next 24 hoours .. account banned ... fuck you too media.

i don't see what this guy sees in her? she's not even a 2 ..oh well his red pill rage is about to start .. "nice guys" they do not finish last, because they NEVER began to begin with it.
tiktok showed you whore real colors... disgusting predators.
women got thirsty and men got enough from their bullshit.
i have a cup of tea, so i think i can "cringe and drink" some of it.
.... finished my tea before you began analyzing ...
the bitch: i'm in the mood.
me looking at my phone: what mood?
the bitch: i'm literally in the mood!
me still checking my files: clarify what mood...
the bitch: i'm horny!
me still looking at my phone: good for you, i'm not.
the bitch: what? i said i'm now literally horny!
me gets out of the car: go on, masturbate, i'll wait outside.
the bitch: but i said i'm horny!
me: and i said i'm not! so suit yourself and i'll wait.
me: i am not a second option, farewell.

.... god .... Asexuality is a gift! having zero-sexual drive is a bless!
2nd bitch is mostly a 2 as well. nothing worth looking at.
if by a miracle i were dating a bitch, and she kisses another guy, i'll drop her right there and then. i'm not a second option, and i'm not letting anyone else touch my property.
as i said only if my a miracle.. because that will never happen.
i think i said everything i had to say.

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

Look who is driving the car in the second example. That speaks volumes. Go to the back of the Walmart parking lot and freaking give it to her. Women are just running roughshod over young guys. These feminist THOTs deserve what they get. MGTOW!

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Freeatlast 1 month ago

In 2020, women are more aggressive wanting some type of relationship. I see it happening to me. Hell with it. All I see are 12 year old mentality bloodsucking vampires.
This type of prick tease behavior while in LTR when nothing good happens, is definitely cringe. When the guy is done watching TV, he needs to take his woman in the bedroom by the hand. Then put his hands on her shoulders and make her kneel. The rest is history.
The new male generation is getting destroyed by these feminist bitches. I think I will get something cold to drink.

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