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This is What “Going Where Men Are Appreciated” Looks Like | No Need To Be RedPill To Be Passport Bro

Published on 23 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs

@TangerineTravels provides great insight into what "Going Where Men Are Appreciated" Looks like. He talks about his dating experience in Mexico compared to the US. Link to the full video below. Modern Dating is confusing for men and women. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

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NeoGeoGamer 1 year ago

Nomad Capitalist: go where you're treated best.
Amr, the guy behind this site, loves Mexico.

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Sweet... you get some pink tacos with your tacos! I was actually considering going into Mexico... it's just kind of hot there. and the Cartel of course.

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havok545 1 year ago

of course you're going to do well in Mexico and in all of Latin America. If you're American (any color) in ALL of Latin America you are like CANDY to those women
Now you date Mexican-American women you're screwed! They've all drank the fem-tard kool aid I know a guy married to one and not joking not exaggerating she only cooks 2x a month and there's a pot of chicken stew she made it's been sitting on the counter for over 2 weeks!!! 2 weeks!!! Never washes a single dish and the house is disgusting. Maybe he's lucky cause most women never cook at all these days.

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