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This is How The Media Tricks Women (People) Into Thinking There Is An Unjustified Gender Pay Gap

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Published on 24 Mar 2022 / In People & Blogs

We like WION news channel because most of the time they present the news in an honest and balanced way. This time they presented incomplete information to make their argument. Incomplete information is not necessarily incorrect information, it depends on the argument you want to make. The gender pay gap has been debunked many times and it's not hard to do so, you just have to ask some simple but critical questions.

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InfiniteMushroom 5 months ago

There is only ONE (((GROUP))) that is motivated to cause as much chaos and disruption as possible.
"In chaos, there is profit" - -Zionist Jew proverb

BTW, I normally use the Jews' own words against them but, sometimes I have to challenge built-in Jew thoughtcrime triggers that many of you don't know you have. The vast majority of you have NO CLUE about the real Joseph Goebbels and only know of how the JEWS have demonized him for decades. Jews have taken him out of context to make HIM appear guilty of the very evils done by the Jews themselves. Goebbels was not only RIGHT about the Jews but, he was an expert in clearly illustrating their evil. That is why he is hated even more than Adolf Hitler.


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Drums_McBashington 5 months ago

Men need to leave the workforce. It will collapse from the weight of all the female bullshit. The truth will be easy to see when the dust settles. The female bullshit will dry up and blow away with the rest of the dust.

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