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This guy will be traumatized for the rest of his life

Jay K
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Published on 13 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣This guy will be traumatised for the rest of his life.

Park Tae- Sung was accused of sexual assault based on his action in this video.

Red pill Lesson:
Men, be aware.
Some people will try to ruin your life.

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Maxxx 2 months ago

Fucking bullshit how the simps are helping the bitch & they're all not respecting his obvious wishes.

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SQUEAK077 3 months ago

That is crazy. Look at the marine who killed a tranny/boy in the Philippines when he realized it was a man.... not a chick. When this crap was coming out New Mexico was the first to really do cut off the penis make it into a vagina. This doctor on the news i remember said 15 min surgery can make you look just like a woman.

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anonmachina 3 months ago

Just saw this again.

IF a girl is so repulsed by male attention, WTF is she in a ring wearing a skimpy outfit.

Obviously a Can'tUnderstandNormalThinker.

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anonmachina 4 months ago

Thay is why...prostitutes are better.

Just ensure the body doesn't washp-up on shore (or is not burried in a shallow grave).

Joking. Sort of.

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 3 months ago

I changed my mind about hookers just as red pill came into my life

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anonmachina 3 months ago

@crimson hawk: I don't promote the utility of prostitutes...without HAZMAT gear (diseasrs). I went monk eons ago, but should I ever contemplate such, a pro is an option. I would prefer it be a Catholic Nun that can suck the nails off the church crucifixion effigy and likes to drink till crawling drunk, but that would be a rare find.

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Esdras_angelo 4 months ago

Raccon ja mostrou este video como exemplo em um de seus videos, e não foi esta mulher que acusou, foram outras mulheres, ( oque o raccon nomeia como sindicato bucetal ) que nada tem aver com o este evento , nem mesmo Publico pagante do esporte de
Luta são.
A regra é clara tratar mulheres como tratamos outros homens, sem elogios ( para evitar acusação de assedio ) sem favores gratis, para não inflar ainda mais seus égos e direitos,
Fasa Só o básico para não se destacar na multidão e não ser rotulado negativamente.
Coisas mais serias como proteger fisicamente de agressores, e emprestar dinheiro, só para pessoas muito proximas do seu convivio diario,
E que tenham boas relação com você como parentes, e amigo(a)s De Infancia

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