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Thirsty Boys Push Womans Car 5 Miles, Get None - LOL!

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣From my 2018 to 2019 content produced after my youtube channel “The MGTOW Philosopher” was banned. This is from my new show “The Realist Philosopher.” Posting a lot of my content from oldest to newest, so stay tuned. Other platforms I'm on, and social media links can be found below ;)

Podcasts & Videos: (My once a week live stream airing Sat 5pm Phoenix AZ time USA) (Follow me on bitchute)
Social Media:
therealistphilosopher1967 (instagram) (Gab) (email) (My website)

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mgtowlive 13 days ago

She can push her own wheels

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Councilof1 13 days ago

If she asked me to push the car my response, as a teenager, would've been "Are you blowing me first?". Maybe women were right, maybe I was an asshole. They seemed to love it nonetheless.

Tim Hortons is a coffee shop, really shitty coffee. Drinking age is officially nineteen. I say officially because I started getting served in beer and liquor stores at fifteen. The funny part is I don't drink. For the record not all guys are like that but apparently they're becoming the majority.

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