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Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor
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Published on 23 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

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02:03 Creativity of Men
07:25 Bowling not babies
08:48 Don't Spit
10:20 Sharing top guys
12:52 My 4 baby daddies
14:36 Used and tossed
17:56 I cheated and he won
19:40 My friend took my boyfriend
23:58 I used him so I won
26:49 Zoom juice
38:09 Reverse hookup
40:31 Take him not me
52:12 Slept with his dad

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mrghoster 2 months ago

That cunt roastying a guy for having the right Gear for bowling is typical I guess with modern women because they expect everything to be provided. I wonder if he turned up for the date at her house expecting HER to drive him in her car to the bowling! lol!

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mrghoster 2 months ago

Those rally drivers were brilliant. I have a similar mindset that nothing broke cant be fixed even temporaty. Only this morning I went out to put trash in my bin and one of the lid caps was missing and the lid was flapping around. simple solution I got a bit of plastic water pipe, cut it to length, cut out a section so it could fit in the hole. Problem solved. Last week the bolt on the toilet ball cock (plastc Broke in the early hours. Firsat thought, i went outside turned my water main off. I slept on the problem, woke in the morning went and found a stasinless steel nut and bolt and fixed it. I could have waited for my almost all fefail landlords to come and fix it two weeks later. IO get letters from my Gynocentric council saying they are going to service the boiler or something elkse on a date. You wait in, No one turns up. My local council like my poriuvate land lord are nearly completely run by women, and they still think their is a patriarchy1 lol! I DO NOT advise or help women AT ALL anymore. My knickname is infact Mr Make do and Ment and or MR FIX IT! lol! but only for me and a handful of buddies only these days, women ar totally on their own in my book. I suggest you guys DO NOT help women, they don't even offer a buck ort two for you trouble or time anymore, that is why I stopped basically. If you don't even get a thank you? Well fuck them all!

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Cunt is cheap and are the women who have them.

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