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There is no The Wall when you have money

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Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs


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FiremanDPP 29 days ago

Jesus! That is not what I had in mind...

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Takingastand 1 month ago

Men don't need to beat/hurt women. The Wall and Time does it for us, hunts them down like the dog bitches they are and beats
the value right out of them. Aging them like bread and milk, leaving them to the streets right where they belong with their
children and 9 cats! LOL!!!! Time and the Wall are on our side, so thank you to both!
No Marriage, No co habitation and No children,
Men Got Tired Of Women
Men Guard Their Own Wallets
Men Going Their Own Way!

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NoWifeHappyLife 1 month ago

The Wall does not care about your income, race, upbringing, or how woke you are. The Wall demolishes them all!

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sauger1001 1 month ago

4:50. Too Much Information. SMH. The closest I came to that type of situation was when I was 20yrs old, and she was 47. Lasted roughly 3 weeks. Never meant for LTRs.

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awol201 1 month ago

You are mistaken . About a great , many , things. This is why a complete , understanding of female nature , is necessary . Just because one, or a few female use their money , in this way does not the rule make, they are the EXTREME , exception . The "vast" majority of females , around the world and transcending cultures , who have the disposable income , will never do this . PROOF to follow .

1. Most females throughout the world and history, do not have large sums of disposable income. Income in excess of $100,00.00 yearly , and most of the ones that do , manage it horribly. Don't put the thrifty characteristics of MEN onto females .

2.Although modern females talk a good game , they still believe in the old ways in regards to MEN, spending money on them . They will literally die before they spend large sums of money to have sex with men , except for a funny and silly debauchery filled trip with their girlfriends to Vegas , once or twice in their twenties and early thirties.

3. Most females , bar an extreme few, lose their sex drive off a proverbial cliff after 40, and then menopause .

So , when it comes to females. Their is definitely a wall, and them having money is largely irrelevant .

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