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There's actually a lot of good news.

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Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣There's actually a lot of good news.

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Mustang 4 months ago

Paul, don't kid yourself. Boris relaxed Restrictions because he's afraid of being ousted as the PM because of the Party's during the Lockdowns Scandal at 10 Downing Street. Even members of his own Party have criticized him.

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ancientredpill 4 months ago

Do not let your guard down, anyone who thinks the elites have given up are just fooling themselves, these people will stop at nothing
to get what they want which is a NWO including social credit score, reduced population a totally subservient population with no freedoms
or the right to question their enslavement. The number of people who took the poisonous JAB probably encouraged them even more
to continue with the agenda.

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