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The Worst Thing You Can Do To Women Is Educate Them


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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

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MilleRacks 2 months ago

Yo amr the girl in the thumbnail got tattoos she a freak. You took her to Nagasaki Hiroshima Pound Town hahaahaha

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BIGLOAD 2 months ago

This Man gots a Bitchin' Neckline.

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11mangogreentea 2 months ago

LOL Amr is that a durag on your head?

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Eggy_Noggy 2 months ago

Women refuse to be 'educated' on ANYTHING by MEN. The best thing you can do for a women is to free them of their 19th amendment privileges.

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EscortRhinoPill 2 months ago

Extremely attractive couples produce children that are ugly because their features become too strong, exaggerated its nature's ironic sense of humor.. Attractive people come from average couples, where if they have many children 5 or 6 at least 1 or 2 will become attractive, smart, or be red pilled, will be different. I think ethic women can be lustfully desirable only with big boobs and gym maxed bodies. Low class city white women are ugly on the inside and outside. Even the prettiest ones come out trashy in terms of physiognomy and behavior no sweetness or vulnerability.

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SchemeHub 1 month ago

That theory is true. Also, guys forget that 100% of women wear make-up, without it they would be distinguishable like different dog breeds. Instead they all choose to be like the female who is advertised to be most attractive.

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