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The White Guilt Riots | Popp Culture

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Published on 05 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣The murder of George Floyd was a senseless tragedy made possible by a chain of command in Minneapolis law enforcement comprised of the weakest links. What followed is arguably worse. Much worse.

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Geneo 1 year ago

did you see the white man beaten to death (by a bunch of blacks in portland) and a white woman tackled and beaten up also? how about the 5 year old CHILD shot point blank and BLM actually publically supporting the child's murder? cops arent doing shit to protect white people and now BLM is going to neighborhoods and demanding white people's houses. Im not saying its right, but it seems that the only option for white folks is to takebthe fight to THEM...set up choke points and ambushes and then shoot em like fish in a barrel...burn their businesses and randomly pull THEM from cars and beat them....bullies only stop when someone makes them amd cops aint doing shit....how about a video of what people need to do to stop this on their own because the hunker down with a shotgun and extra toilet paper approach is not working. we need to go on the offensive.

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play4blood 2 years ago

"George Floyd" is a crisis actor, and so are the "cops". Its all bullshit just like the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook. Society is stupid.

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Sl0re10 2 years ago

actually I do know some medical responders that wear vests... one was even shot in the back while helping someone / it saved his ass.

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Sl0re10 2 years ago

dude; do you even know the street price of lego?

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MegillahGuerrilla 2 years ago

The Floyd Zapruder Film

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