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The War On Men & Why Men Lose Against Feminism

Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In News & Politics

Men were the Dominant sex for millennia. But these days there is a war on men, and women are winning it. They are now dominating us, and we live in a matriarchy. Ever wonder why that is, when it used to be the other way around? Well, I will explain the main reasons here. The first and main reason is that we have lost our unity, and women have gained theirs. Men used to be a united front called by feminists “The Patriarchy”, which feminism has destroyed. Women did not used to have a united front and instead used to fight amongst themselves for men. But now they have united under Feminism.

Misandry Exposed: An Exposé of Sexism Against Men -

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 2 months ago

One of my goals is to bring back Men's Clubs. It might have to start as an underground thing- which may actually help it grow in the beginning. A members only oasis away from the matriarchy where men can be at ease and steel sharpens steel.

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Masculinism Movement
Masculinism Movement 1 month ago

YES! Where do I sign up?

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