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The Unborn Child Support Act | Grunt Speak


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Published on 31 Aug 2022 / In Other

⁣Republicans are actually pushing this. Is it another excuse to pilfer your Social Security or is it baiting the Dems to finally admit what they’ve denied for 50 years?
#CrazyDrunkUncles #WageSlavery #ChildSupport

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Unborn Child Support Act

Cuckservatives or Baiting the Dems?

Petition to Hold the DOJ Accountable

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Straven 1 year ago

Women need put back in there place. A place many are learning the hard way after loosing everything and being alone.

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eilisin 1 year ago

There is no reforming of the system. It has been tried and labelled a hate group. We're going to have to sink this bitch.

   2    0
TANGO666 1 year ago

married twice 3 kids, divorced 13 years. Now, at 60, i would never consider marriage or letting some bimbo live with me. single women my age are a total NUT ROLL. its dangerous, and they will sue you into the ground as they suck their lawyer's cock because they can't afford the fee. hewers.

   6    0
TANGO666 1 year ago

pour some alcohol in me. then call Saunders, Aubertine's and Potter's funeral homes with the list i give you for further instructions. if i drink, it won't be pretty.

   0    0
TANGO666 1 year ago

What? muh brain hurts.

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