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The Truth About Sadism! - Part 6 (Audio)

Published on 16 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

This conversation explores sadism's origins, tribalism, men's struggles, porn's influence, and the connection between money pursuit and declining parental support. Feedback and more discussion welcome.

Full series: https://rss.com/podcasts/sadism/

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Brief Summary

In this part of our conversation, we explore the origins and dysfunction of sadism, discussing its relevance to tribalism and the challenges men face in balancing aggression and emotional availability. We also touch upon the role of pornography and its influence on our perception of aggression and affection. Reflecting on history and power structures, we consider the connection between pursuit of money and declining support for parents. We invite feedback and support for further discussions on this topic.


0:00:00 The Origins and Dysfunction of Sadism
0:03:10 Sadism in Evolution and the Duality of Life
0:06:57 The Natural Balance of Affection and Cruelty in Predators
0:10:26 Human Beings: The Apex Predators with Duality of Kindness and Cruelty
0:12:24 Exploring the Dichotomy of Cruelty and Affection
0:13:03 Siblings' Cruelty and Unity against Outsiders
0:19:32 The Tricky Balance of Aggression and Affection
0:22:49 Affection for Offspring and Cruelty to Others
0:25:47 Sadism as a Central Goal: Motivation and Risks
0:28:16 Enslavement and the Thirst for Cruelty
0:34:29 Sadism as a Tool for Maintaining Control
0:41:24 Cruelty within families and kindness towards outsiders
0:47:58 The reversal of the cruelty-kindness metric in modern families
0:50:48 The Impact of Observation on Behavior
0:52:02 The Relationship Between Power and Cruelty

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