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The True Story and Ultimate Purpose of Marriage | Ken Curry | Full Speech

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Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

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#Manosphere #mentalhealth #therapy #lmft #orlando #florida #marriage #relationships

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About Ken

My name is Ken Curry, I am a husband, a father and a mentor to men. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and I am passionate about empowering men. That’s what I do.

You may have believed a story about you that is not true. You’ve believed it without questioning and it has shut you down, shut you up and works to keep you in line. That’s not how men were created to live.

That’s the way I was. From the beginning, I was taught to question myself and my capabilities. I was told lies about life and who I was. I questioned my worth and value as a young man. I thought something was wrong with me. I had no confidence, presence or influence, always striving to make up for some internal deficit. But, deep inside I knew I had so much more in me.

You may have felt this way too, that something was wrong with you and you had to prove yourself to others, living to make sure everyone else is happy while inside you were empty. You are reading this because you know this has not worked for you and you want some answers.

I wanted answers too. So, I committed to finding out the truth. As I gathered information and discovered practical steps my life started to change. I began to stand up, speak up, and face my fears. My internal confidence and true identity grew - Solid Man was born.

I found truth that changed my work, my life, my marriage, and my faith. I did the work and it changed my life. That same truth is there for any man to claim.

As you do the work, you will gain integrity and begin to trust yourself. You’ll discover that you are whole and complete. You’ll find out like I did, that you are good enough, not perfect, but enough. I found out my true identity and what I am capable of, you will as well.

The process I developed changed my life and the lives of hundreds of other men. The Solid Man Process is very real. I am proof!

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#MGTOW #Manosphere #MensRights #RedPill #men #man #menshealth

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Sir_666 2 months ago

Ken Curry's talk on Marriage, here, is pretty Meaningless and outdated in the 21st Century & likely even 20 yrs before it. Especially in 1st world countries .i.e. U.S, Canada, Australia, ...etc.

Realistically, there is little to No beneficial Incentive for Women / Wives to compromise and work with their Husbands on their Marriage anymore in this current Era due to the following ...

• Divorce is more Rewarding ( cash & prizes $$$ ) than Marriage for Women
• Bias Legal system that Favors & Believes Women's allegations & arrest Men without Evidence
• " Government programs " & Unjust Affirmative action policies = priority for Women over Men
for Education & Hiring of many Jobs = far more Opportunities for Women
• Traditional Marriage Vows are no longer honored by most Women .i.e. Honor & Obey husband is
long over. Additionally, Wives also dictate if & when Sex happens in the Marriage

Basically, for Women, Marriage now & for the past few decades is an Early Retirement package with all the Benefits and with little/No risks and with Minimum effort invested on their part. For Men it's ALL the opposite ... all the Risks & little/No Benefits.

Lastly, before Ken Curry can Sell the " Marriage is a Good idea " spiel, he and others like him need to Campaign to Fix the Bias Divorce-Family court & Bias laws of the Legal system against Men that overly favor Women.

Otherwise , his talk is a Waste of time & Nothing will change with the state of Declining marriage.
Therein, still being a very Risky bad investment for Men. And BTW, Women are the ones that fear being alone in their life & later years; Men, generall,y not so much. ツ

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