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The TFM Show: 8/29/2020

T.F. Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 30 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Lucifer 10 months ago

TFM quote "..politics is DOWNSTREAM of culture.."
96% of the american media is owned by 6 jewish corperations; https://zionistnarrative.wordp....ress.com/tag/96-medi

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enduranceracing 10 months ago

3:01:50 I like the ghost noise representing the big boogeyman that he told us he would reveal about Tesla. i like the sound effects and humour!!!!!!

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Lucifer 10 months ago

All these ppl lying about their skillset, we have a "CPA" (LOOL calling in) and tfm is a selfproclaimed 'vorser' with deep knoweldge of QM.

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RoboCat 10 months ago


12:04 That's not what happened TFM. The Spanish formed a grand-alliance with many tribes that were subjugated by the Aztec empire. They agreed that once the Aztecs were defeated that the Spanish would be in charge, one of the conditions was converting to Catholicism which the tribes were completely fine with. Yes, some of the remnants of the Aztec people were forced to convert or die, but they were an extreme minority compared to the people that did it willingly.

Case in point; Look up 'La Malinche' or 'Malintzin', legendary traitor of Mexico who was largely responsible for brokering the deal between the Spanish and the local tribes against the Aztec forces. This is not an example of might makes right, it is an example of a soft patriarchy triumphing over a hard patriarchy..... that's why so many natives, both men and women, strongly preferred the Spanish to the Aztecs.

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Zilord 10 months ago

This is correct, it's funny because the Aztects got into power in a similar fashion; with an alliance with other tribes to defeat the Tepaneca tribe, which was the most powerful tribe at the time. Some houndreds of years later an alliance happens of diferent tribes and the spanish, mainly because the Aztecs were kinda douchebags to the other tribes xD.

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big_brain_nibba 10 months ago

@Zilord: who’s the character in your pfp? She’s really hot lol

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Zilord 10 months ago

@big_brain_nibba: She is Talim from the Soul Calibur series. She is best girl :D

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tekrat 10 months ago

What happened to the exciting INTRO...damn subverting expectations everywhere

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AntiCuck1982 10 months ago

"Eventually , the bad 30% come along" That's what people doesnt want you fuckwit..... wow everybody in this fucking planet is racist except you ? fuck off... you don't get to call everybody else racist just because you virtue signal on top of your racism... jesus

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RePublius 10 months ago

I think Mr House calling the Brotherhood of Steel "knights of yore larpers" was basically a dig at Fallout 3 because that game has pretty bad writing and it was Bethesda's first fallout game where they made the Brotherhood of Steel into the honorable good guys with absolutely no nuance or flaws. Rather than being technology hoarders which they were originally written as in Fallout 1 and 2.

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AntiCuck1982 10 months ago

Bethesda shat on fallout's canon and legacy... 1, 2 and vegas are the only canon ones imo

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sorearm 10 months ago


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