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The TFM Show: 7/23/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 24 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs

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RoboCat 2 months ago

3:35:12 Holy shit. TFM thinks NGE is overrated? of all people , I would never have expected TFM to be on that side. NGE is infamously controversial and hotly debated even to this day with two eternally warring sides; NGE is one of the greatest examples of media of all time vs. NGE is one of the most overrated examples of media of all time.

The most common complaint about NGE is that Shinji, the MC, is a pussy. That's absolutely true....... if you ignore 100% of the context given. TFM is not that kind of guy, or at least I didn't think he was. It's extremely shocking.

3:39:00 TFM is right. I've seen that happen so many times and it happened to me when I was in my late teens. I know nobody cares but.....

In my late teens when I was still a broke, awkward student, due to a series of extremely convoluted circumstances I managed to land a shockingly attractive girlfriend. A solid 9. She was in her late teens as well. Now here's the thing.... I knew that because I had no money and disliked hanging out with others that it was a terrible mismatch. I knew I was punching way above my weight class and that it wouldn't end well.

-- "There's no way this'll last. Might as well enjoy it since she won't be here tomorrow. No point in putting up with any bullshit either."

The way I treated that girl is probably the worst I've treated anyone. I was incredibly hostile, I would straight-up ditch her if she was being annoying, abruptly tell her we were done if she messed up something insignificant, just 'took' her when I felt like having sex...... I felt really guilty but since I thought she'd leave 'any day now', I kept doing it. She would semi-regularly ask me why I was so mean to her and what she did to deserve it. I would tell her to be quiet and not to waste my time. She would beg me to treat her lovingly, with affection and care. Nope.

After about a year of this, I thought "Hey, she's not leaving. So since she's still here I guess I was wrong" and thought I can stop being so paranoid, thus, I started to treat her 'better'. Things went way downhill very quickly and within a month she was gone. It took me years to figure out what went wrong because I couldn't wrao my head around the fact that when I finally gave her what she had begged & cried for me to do, that she would then leave but not when I was treating her like shit no matter how hard she tried to please me. I really liked her and that's why I wanted to "do things right" but as TFM points out, this has the opposite effect on women that one might hope.

Anyway, it's really obvious in retrospect but at the time this fucked with my head real hard.

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RoboCat 2 months ago

2:47:49 Excuse me Mr. TFM-san, not all libertarians are ancaps. TFM of all people should know this since he endorses minarchy which is also libertarianism. I'm a minarchist too. Not sure why TFM is making such a bizarre leap or assumption that libertarian=ancap rather than ancaps being only one type of libertarian.

He's not even doing it to simplify since he made it more complicated by running with that notion. Hmm.

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Singapore has rigged election, monkey. The pro-capitalism ruling party has rigged elections for several decades.
The left can not take over Singapore because elections are rigged. Singapore is a one dominant party authoritarian country, similar to China, except with more capitalism and less socialism.

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RoboCat 2 months ago

Having rigged elections is the norm in modernity though. It's done all across euro, all across asia , all across LatAm and it seems the U.S. is the only hold-out still resisting. Also , it is true that Singapore is a leftist nation and adheres to leftist orthodoxy as you alluded to. However, it does so considerably less than most other nations which is to its credit and makes a huge difference.

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@RoboCat: No moron. I said Singapore is the right-wing version of China. Singapore is ultra-capitalist China with a one-political-party dictatorship. Singapore is right-wing China. Learn the difference between left and right.

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@RoboCat: Your definitions of socialism/communism/fascism are stupid as fuck. The difference between left and right is simple (even a Russ-tard like you can understand). Right-wing = principles are paramount. Law/Order are paramount. Laws/Rules/Beliefs are constant (not changing). Left-wing = Agenda is more important than principles. Laws/Rules/Beliefs change (or are ignored). Agenda is paramount. Both Singapore and China kill/imprison many people. The difference is, China does it whenever China feels like it. In China (and in Russia where you live), people have no permanent rights. Capitalism is only welcome because it get results (gets a good outcome), not because most people believe in capitalism (for-profit private property). In China/Russia, theft/murder are common because most people do not have morals. They believe the ends (the outcome) justifies the means (the actions/behaviors). Leftist people (and leftist countries) have no permanent morals/principles/rules/laws. They pretend to have morals/principles in order to get the results they want. IF/When the results are bad, they will quickly abandon their fake morals/principles, just like China is doing now. China is now returning to socialism/communism because the Chinese government (and Russian government too) are mostly leftists who believe the government ("the people") can and should do anything it wants "for the greater good".

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The Chinese communist party went from a one-child policy to a two-child policy to a three-child policy. The Chinese Communist Party has no principles, no core beliefs. They change the rules to suit their agenda. If they want less people, they change the rules. If they want more people, they change the rules. If they want to legally murder you, they either ignore the law (just do it illegally) or change the law in order to legally kill you. Same goes for Putin. Putin is a leftist. Putin does whatever he feels like doing. Putin has no principles. The way Putin stays in power is simply by murdering everyone who opposes him. That's all. Putin nationalized the oil/gas industries because then he can easily siphon off billions/trillions of money from Gazprom and Rosneft in order to buy yachts for him and his friends, who are also murderers and thieves.

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TFM: Master morality is better than slave morality. Christianity is slave morality.
also TFM: Put muslims in concentration camps until they act more civilized.

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TFM: Before 2014, Pro-Russia government in Kyiv = Not Puppet
TFM: After 2014, Pro-US government in Kyiv = Puppet
TFM: West started energy war with Russia.

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