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The TFM Show: 7/18/2020

T.F. Monkey
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Published on 19 Jul 2020 / In People & Blogs

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fistohiydi 6 months ago

24 July 2020 - TFM 420 - The Morning Constitutional: 7/24/2020

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I'm Jimma, I'm a gay-lesbian hermaphrodite primate, I steal ideas from other people and bastardize them, I 'm a hypocrite for scamming people but I don't care, because I'm Jimma the boob-penis whiny little chimpy.

   1    1

You are a fucking fruity ass bat hermpahrodite Jimma and you're a fucking crook! Maybe I should get Top Dolla Black-PIlled Gangsta to pimp slap your penis-boobed ass some more.

   0    1

I demand to see your birth certificate Mrisses Poop Smearing Hermaphrodite. You are a foreign nonexistent entity and if you don't show that certificate we will banish you to the void!

   0    1

The Poop Smearing Hermaphrodite at it again reading from a stolen script to scam everyone.

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AntiCuck1982 6 months ago

Jesus ... your intro need to be that loud?

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 6 months ago

Thank you for all you do for men tfm

   4    0
Caesar Best
Caesar Best 6 months ago

Almost 6 hours?! Good times!

   6    0
RogueEconomist 6 months ago

TFM, I have some stock certificates, that are worthless, my gold has held its buying power. The market is like vegas, the slicksters end up with most of the money given time. Also we no longer have free enterprise, huge corporations limit compition by using govertnment to put road blocks to entry of up starts. Free enterprise is great, corporatism is bad.

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RoboCat 6 months ago

At 27 min, it annoys me that TFM fails to understand the situation. It's not 'equality', it never was.

The reason people did well was MERIT. That's what leftists want to pretend doesn't exist because leftists are very stupid and very evil. I.e. 'It can't be that people were intelligent, worked hard, did networking, were punctual, were responsible, were reliable, etc. no no the answer has to be for us to subjugate them and enforce our orthodoxy' , that's how leftists think, that's how they ALWAYS think. That's why 'the smart black people' don't matter because that's a distinction of MERIT between blacks & blacks, therefore it must be either ignored or actively undermined to justify subjugation and orthodoxy. To what end? that's the wrong question. The end doesn't matter because they lack the capacity for rational thought. This is also why leftism always leads to terrible outcomes because the end is irrelevant (READ: They have no actual plan or proper end). They just want to push in that direction and thus, the values of orthodoxy and subjugation are an end in and of themselves. Case in point; Do they demand 'equality'; for the blacks that they brutalize or kill? obviously not, they call them traitors and uncle toms as justification for what is done to them, this is BECAUSE THEY VIOLATED THE ORTHODOXY in some way (Hard working blacks/black policemen/studious blacks/etc.). They do not care, it was never about 'equality' but even if it were, equality is a shit-tier value to begin with.

Goddamnit TFM, you always make this mistake..

   3    0
mustno3 6 months ago

Hey TFM ... I'm dancing the I told you so dance on you right now, bro, remember Covid and the ..... boomer coof. You fucked up so badly bro. You just destroyed your credibility, unfortunately for MGTOW. Your political fanaticism is destroying your MGTOW. You're gonna have to make a choice and isolate, but I'm sure you're so fucking brainwashed by your politics that you won't.

   0    3
MGTOWdotCASH 6 months ago

I like how TFM compares gold to Beenie Babies. "Its a thing you own". Its a thing that has been used as a store of wealth for thousands of years though.

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Alex913 6 months ago

TFM i think you missed my entropy question about sector rotation

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SJWtears 6 months ago

Letsss go

6 hours of Redpill truth

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bobsmith 6 months ago

high school of the dead really man really

   0    1
HairAcross 6 months ago

;tfw you cum on someones forehead and they dont reciprocate

   1    0
oldmangranny5 6 months ago


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