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The TFM Show: 7/11/2020 (Part 2)

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 12 Jul 2020 / In People & Blogs

Update: the problem was my router. I called my ISP's 24/7 customers service number and got it fixed after the shoe. Enjoy the dumpster fire.

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Adam_Reith 21 days ago

01:07:58 I went to Switzerland a couple of years ago: they have parking spaces reserved for women (not pregnant women, not disabled women... just plain women with a vagina).

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SpurNine 22 days ago

If we pretend there is no God and Jesus had no super powers then we are left with a better version of T.F.M.'s show. Jesus and his twelve buddies traveled around talking about philosophy, current events, self improvement. They picked up thousands of followers, and achieved fame that may never die.

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RoboCat 23 days ago

TFM is correct. The DSM-5 is turned the APA's publications from highly respected documents to a complete laughing stock. A man that believes he is a woman despite all evidence to the contrary is suffering PSYCHOSIS which means when that man's perception of reality suffers a disconnect from reality itself, aka mental illness.

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handsolo 24 days ago

hey, funky monkey. forget discord. just use irc. sure, it does not have html for images and multimedia in general, but it has been around for over three decades, so it works just fine. you can get a bot to keep the channel permanent for peanuts. and you can invite all them jews you love so much as well...

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Hegge 24 days ago

I have private VPN it's the best.

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Chronoless 24 days ago

Why do white people get blame and asians and hispanics don't? simple Asian dont give a shit about other peoples' feelings, only the White people care about feelings and feel like they must defend the rights of everyone.

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How did you manage to survive these apocalyptic times Jim being that you are a hermaphrodite on welfare?

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We've managed to prevent Neo-Feudalism from happening by making New Age Renaissance preserving cash, minerals, and crypto even after the downfall of the government. This is a step in the right direction at least.

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Lucifer333 22 days ago

wtf is wrong with you boi?

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@Lucifer333: Just trying to see things are easier in these shitty times forced on us.

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Goat37436 25 days ago

what a mess that livestream was

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