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The TFM Show: 3/27/2021

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Matrix Server Link: https://matrix.to/#/+monkeybusiness:midov.pl


If you registered with Matrix.org, consider creating a new
account. Matrix.org accounts are the most likely to be censored. They also
record you IP address and personal information for 7 years.

Here is a list of different mainstream servers you can
register on: https://publiclist.anchel.nl/ from which you can click the
"client" hyperlink to register there, but below are recommended
servers you should consider as opposed to Matrix.org.

Here is a list of based servers that are banned from
Matrix.org: https://glowers.club/wiki/doku.....php?id=wiki:homeser where you
can click the hyperlink to open an account there and avoid censorship.

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SolidSnake33 9 months ago

"Well, you want to run away to Alaska, you're a pussy!"
Are you callin' me a pussy?

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HanLockhart 10 months ago

04:46:00 Wow, I am not making this stuff up. Same crap happened to my brother. Our mother kept letting him fall onto his face on the floor. Eventually my father caught onto it, but my brother has never been the same since even today. I am sorry for what happened to your brother, TFM.

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HanLockhart 10 months ago

03:52 :01 'Flavorless cracker... ' You mean unleavened bread. lol.

I still don't get this thing. If they follow the Old Testament Moses stuff then shouldn't they be sacrificing animals regularly too? Isn't the whole point to absolve yourself from sin?

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mibgtow 10 months ago

After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, a lot of freedom loving people illegally moved to live in the wilderness of Siberia. They survived Communist Russia. TFM's talk of Alaska reminded me of those people.

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DarthPennywise 10 months ago

The phrase TFM was seeking so many times regarding the "genetic lottery" is fucking cop-out as far as i know...if words still have any meaning at all...and "i didnt win the genetic lottery" is a giant fucking cop-out

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