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The TFM Show: 2/15/2020

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 16 Feb 2020 / In People & Blogs

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KEEPER 2 years ago

how to get the full catologe of the TFM show on mp3 format on Android.

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RoboCat 2 years ago

22:48 and onward.... TFM is such an intelligent and reasonable guy, it is really disappointing to see him doing exactly the same thing that the feminists and leftists do. I am not a part of the alt-right but I know for a fact that their argument isn't "IQ differences and therefore....", at bare minimum, it's broken down in the whites/black comparison as the following;

- The blacks have very low average IQ than whites by nearly 2 full deviations which is a huge amount. This is one factor.

- The blacks also typically have higher serum testosterone which is another factor. It's worth mentioning that factor #1 and factor #2 compound on each other in a significant manner.

- Third factor is that blacks have a racial trait that causes them to have a very low threshold for delaying gratification, if you offer black children a choice of 1 candy right now or 3 candies 1 hour from now, the bulk of them will want the 1 candy. If you offer asian children 1 candy now or 3 candies 1 hour from now, the bulk of the asian children will choose the 3 candies 1 hour from now.

There are more reasons but these are at least 3 that I, a non alt-right guy, am familiar with. TFM's crude misrepresentation of the alt-right's argument is fucking retarded and I expect better from him. Again, I'm not alt-right but I talked to guys in the alt-right on various internet mediums and know that TFM is being either very dishonest or very stupid about how he choses to represent them.

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aziaziazi759 2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up about yt bs

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Randy77marsh77 2 years ago

Thanks Monkey wish I would have had a community like this 15-20 years ago I was surrounded by blue pill in the workplace and family and it drove me mad and I strayed off course

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FeralAndroid 2 years ago

Cerveza virus is gonna push our shit in. Tfm got this one wrong.

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