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The TFM Show: 11/26/2022

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Published on 27 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

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TFM needs to learn the difference between socialism and communism.
Communists want as much equality as possible, for as many people as possible. For example, hippies.
Socialists want the government to control society and give profits/benefits to socialist voters (instead of shareholders).
Communism is a type of anarchy (anything goes, free for all, hippie lifestyle).
Socialism is a type of capitalism, in which government (ruling party) owns/controls businesses.
The ruling party acts like a single corporation. Political parties are corporations too.
Fascism is when private people (not the government) own/control businesses, but the government controls markets with regulations such as price controls, wage controls, or tells businesses what to produce, and to whom to sell, who to hire and not hire.
The majority of the modern global economy is fascist (not government owned/run but regulated/controlled by governments).
Why are feminists called femi-nazis?? because feminists usually want private capitalism but want the government to force private businesses to hire more women and give more benefits to women, aka fascism.

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TFM made a chart which says that everyone on the left is a communist which is dumb as fuck. Tranny rights advocates are no more communist than gay rights advocates or men's rights advocates or anyone who wants the government to give them privileges.

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This is communism. No private property. Free-for-all. No police (anarchy). Mob-rule https://youtu.be/u09VRR3vU2g?t=53

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Darthtickles 2 months ago


The medicalization of behavior in popular psychology is another one of these problems that was a serious issue 5 years ago, but will be irrelevant going forward. Nobody is going to be bipolar when you need to go out through the blizzard at 6am to milk the goats in the barn. Nobody is going to be a psychopath when you need to form a militia to chase off some bandits disrupting regional trade and burn a few of their villages as a warning.

Modern psychology is merely formalized feminism and faggotry. A bunch of weak people constantly worried about everyone's behavior relative to some wholly imaginary norm that is itself largely informed by the television shows they watch. When feminism is gone, modern psychology will be gone right alongside it.

While I will admit that the reproductive consistency of big 5 personality tests is very impressive, its still not science. Surveys arent empirical. Broad human social behavioral characteristics arent units of measure. You can borrow from science to improve your analysis, but that doesnt make it science.

Long story short: stop arguing about irrelevant nonsense with idiots.

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Dunning-Kruger is very real. More ignorance --> More confidence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/....Dunning%E2%80%93Krug

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ImhereforTFM 2 months ago

Are blood tests good enough for detecting blood clots? I have taken them regularly for other reasons and they all show up normal values.

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DeaconFrost 2 months ago

Yes, blood tests can tell if you have a blockage. A D-dimer blood test will determine if you have a clot.

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FL_Steve 2 months ago

I like replays. I can fast forward over TFM's joo rants and the superchats from sycophant cucks who stroke his ego over it all.

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Apparently, TFM argues with nazis every week but will not argue with anyone in his comment section.

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When TFM talks about his first time with the "Spropu" I think of that scene in "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" when Marv gets electrocuted. I think TFM using the spropu may have went a little something like this -----> https://youtu.be/NPP_iYo0Brk

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