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The TFM Show: 11/25/2023

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Published on 26 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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RedPillSatori 3 months ago
RoboCat 3 months ago

@00:42:50 The reason australians live in a pocket of land is because they are cucks. The Japanese would do something like 'terraform' the land and then build cities there going forward. The australians are like 'Noooo but muh poor cane toads & abbos!!1!!' so they deserve to get assraped. Saudi arabia isn't as cucked as australia but they're pretty dumb & also they lack the money to change their conditions. That is major appeal of the cathedral rail. Unlike the australians, the Saudi arabians understand how beneficial it would be and I assume the plan is to double-cross the cathedral if/when it gets built.

@02:58:15 That's true of most if not all stimulants though. Cocaine+alcohol / ritalin (methylphenidate) + alcohol / vyvanse (forget the formula but it's not methylphenidate) + alcohol / etc. Do NOT mix stimulants + alcohol. The level of damage it causes compared to taking either on their own is catastrophically worse.

@03:49:07 TFM is right. I remember hearing a story about how the primer (sp?) in china had the red guard storm the building, take down his guards and then reached his office. He began to tell them that he had rights and pointed at a scroll in the wall (constitution?) before they beat him nearly to death, dragging him to the streets like the piece of trash he was. Yeah I know the red guard were complete piles but that guy was fine with them eliminating his political opposition in the same way np. Fk him. That's what should happen to all tyrants.

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

As a European, TFM take on why muslims were important is COMPLETELY AND UTTER DOGSHIT NOSNENSE PULLED FROM HIS MONKEY POOP

   1    4
Lucifer333 3 months ago

4 but hurt yanks who cant point out their own country on a map, that is mgtow going into 2024, dump, retarded

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ticklemyfirecracker 3 months ago

Are we talking about preparing meals now?

Ozempic was on the news I'm pretty sure for causing gastrointestinal paralysis or some serious side effect. I would be wary of using it monkey

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

The most common Ozempic side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and constipation. Serious Ozempic side effects include allergic reactions, changes in vision and pancreatitis. Ozempic has an FDA boxed warning for the risk of thyroid C-cell tumors. https://www.drugwatch.com/drug....s/ozempic/side-effec

   0    2
RoboCat 3 months ago

@Lucifer333: Didn't the FDA declare the corona virus shots 'safe & effective'?

   1    1
Lucifer333 3 months ago

@RoboCat: Its mostly safe, there could be some side effects like all medicaiton, some people even die of peneciline shot (rare but it happens)

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RoboCat 3 months ago

@Lucifer333: "'mostly' safe" LMAO!

   0    1
Lucifer333 3 months ago

@RoboCat: yes penecillne is mostly safe, still people can die, its called "anaphylaxis," its a deadly life threatening allegric reaction,..., science is hard, but still you should try RoboPussy

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PordanJeterson 3 months ago

bbiiootteecchhffaarrmmeerr iiss tthhee ssmmaarrtteesstt gguuyy iinn tthhee rroooomm.

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