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The TFM Show: 10/30/2021

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 31 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Matrix Server Link: https://matrix.to/#/+monkeybusiness:midov.pl; https://matrix.to/#/!iqyyMIsjP....GQuOdyrsz:nerdsin.sp
If you registered with Matrix.org, consider creating a new account. Matrix.org accounts are the most likely to be censored. They also record you IP address and personal information for 7 years.
Here is a list of different mainstream servers you can register on: https://publiclist.anchel.nl/ from which you can click the "client" hyperlink to register there, but below are recommended servers you should consider as opposed to Matrix.org.
Here is a list of based servers that are banned from Matrix.org: https://glowers.club/wiki/doku.....php?id=wiki:homeser where you can click the hyperlink to open an account there and avoid censorship.
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whatever1 1 year ago


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Russian alcoholism and the "mongoloid gene"

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

1. crypto is a bubble
2. women are children
3. moving to Alaska (some excuse why he hasn't yet)
4. not moving to Singapore (he is not smart enough for that, too much competition)
5. real estate is a good investment (he used to hate real estate)
6. inflation is comming
7. Shugun is ranting about black IQ again (and why he is special)

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Eat Putin's dick, you stupid mongol. https://youtu.be/DDjqV_vNOwY?t=37

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

@Russians_are_from_Mongolia: why are you such a fucking pussy?

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Bolshevism was created/started by European intellectuals, during the enlightenment period.
Bolshevism is a consequence of the enlightenment period which is a consequence of the printing press.
Bolshevism was in Western/Central Europe before it spread to Russia.
Bolsheviks were defeated in west/central Europe but won in East Europe.
During the 18th/19th century, the United States contributed almost nothing to philosophy/science.
I can name two or three European discoveries/inventions for every one in US, during 18th/19th century.

Just because something is plausible does mean it is true.
Systemic racism is plausible. Racism is real. But systemic racism is not proven simply because racism exists.
Christianity causing bolshevism is plausible. Both are real. But cause/effect is not proven simply because they both existed at the same time.

If 100% of people in a country are muslims or hindus or whatever, and then something happens in that country,
that does not mean that the thing that happened was caused by religion.

When atheists do something, no one says "that was caused by atheism".
But when a religious person does something, atheists are very quick to blame religion.


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90+% of people on this page are not Americans. https://www.marxists.org/archive/index.htm

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

@Russians_are_from_Mongolia: you are not even white, fuck off

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@Lucifer333: Eat Putin's dick, you stupid mongol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDjqV_vNOwY

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kingtongue 1 year ago

Now they force self-employed pay 100€ per month for tests if you dont let yourself get the poke. They essentially force poor self-emplyed into the poke. Also the time you need to go and let yourself tested goes away of your working time. I dont want the poke and get forced into it.

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