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The TFM Show: 10/01/2022

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Published on 02 Oct 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Darthtickles 12 months ago


you shouldnt even be in a position where your coworkers feel comfortable discussing non-work-related topics like that.

your job isnt your social circle. go in, be professional, be cordial, shut the fuck up and do your job. if people even begin to hint that youre not playing along with their high school bullshit, start recording your interactions and go to your boss. as long as youre not an asshole, you dont owe your coworkers friendship. and anyone who tries to coerce you to participate more than your job requires should be fired.

obviously you fucked up already and you cant roll back what youve done, but for your next job you now know better. being unemployable as a man because some twat got her feelings hurt is an effective death sentence. you might as well just kill yourself then and there. this shit is serious, and you need to stop putting yourself in vulnerable situations just because you want to get along and be liked.

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Darthtickles 12 months ago


vastly overthinking the ends vs means debate. its a false dichotomy that doesnt actually exist in human decision making.

you simply look at outcomes as a whole, and choose the best path.

generally, bad actions lead to bad outcomes, so its not really a balance of ends vs means, but rather choosing the path without the bad outcome of having done a bad action and the repercussions of that action.

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Atlasjoe 12 months ago

How dare Tredeau mention Mgtow this week. We have a zero tolerance policy towards cucks & take offense to any association. We denounce. Justin, in your fight against misogyny, don't forget that female dating roaches are currently offering red pill courses at 20% off for $170 for 20 minutes. You can still man up and save all the proud mothers of Brayden, Jayden, Braxten, and Tractor. The Semenal Order compels you

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Darthtickles 12 months ago

at the same time as trudeauc goes bungie jumping in a lumber jack shirt. obviously theyre worried about losing the male vote, and doing anything to scare men away from leaving the plantation. "what, you dont like trudeau? youre not one of those incels are you?" so transparent. so predictable.

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Darthtickles 12 months ago


the extreme welfare capitalism in scandinavia actually doesnt work. it worked for a bit, but now theyre all rolling back their welfare states.

yes, welfare capitalism is a viable system in general, but pretending the scandinavians found a correct long term balance is wrong.

my pulled from ass guess is that the welfare state needs to be a fraction of even the smallest western welfare capitalist systems to function in the long run.

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Darthtickles 12 months ago


an inflation tax would be ideal, except the constant threat of spiraling inflation expectations leading to hyperinflation

inflation tax is perfect in every way but 1, yet that 1 way makes it a terrible idea

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