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The TFM Show: 1/23/2021

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes -
Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images. Animated Newsroom
by rpancake. Licensed from Shutterstock.

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SolidSnake33 12 months ago

Giving women rights WAS insane.

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KEEPER 12 months ago

monkey, you're talkin about a bedridden woman, not a bedridden man. That's the difference if it were a man trust me you wouldn't be able to fucking make shit. Only women can get away with doing nothing and being disabled and actually making a career of it the easy way. The only way a man can do this is become a writer and you have to be a really good writer. Nowhere near could a man do this as a vtuber. Maybe if he's gay and interesting.

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KEEPER 12 months ago

Tutorial on how to play any video from MGTOW TV on your phone without issue.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 12 months ago

I assume the Discord server has been eradicated by the cucks?

TFM: please update us with an announcement on this channel when a new chatroom has been set up. A temporary solution could be Slack, but they'll probably cuck out too before long.

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KEEPER 12 months ago

view his most recent video, he should have all the links in the description.

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SQUEAK077 12 months ago

https://jeremyherrell.com/ listen to the podcast jan 26th

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