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The Taliban swiftly shuts down feminist protest

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Published on 15 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

The Taliban continues to show us how to keep feminism in check. Sky News Australia, which is supposed to be a conservative news platform, also shows us that cuckservatism is preventing this from happening.

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mgtowisfreedom2 2 months ago

They fought and died to get the Americans out so they could run the country they wanted. Personally i would just deport these woman to some first world shit hole

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Liz Storer - what a drop kick with a shitty accent.

On one hand the degeneracy got stomped on, and on the other, these Aussie festering feminist arsehole lickers, never feel grateful that these feminist slags were not getting sent home with a few extra holes.

And Chris Storer, the Faggy fat white prick in the middle - I bet he's getting pegged as his wifes bitch or he is doing the rounds of the glory holes - having a gay time.

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John_Doe 2 months ago

The ones who need to be beaten and shot at are the Communist "community organizers" (aka. professional shit-stirrers) who infiltrated Afghanistan and put these women up to this protest. The women are just useful idiots, weakest link in the chain; without someone behind them pulling their strings, they couldn't organize a falafel sale let alone a political protest.

That's why females are targeted first when the Cultural Marxists move in and insidiously start subverting the population. Treat the cause rather than the symptoms; otherwise the cancer will just keep spreading.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

I never thought I would say this, but the Left pulled out too soon! Who'd known we would say that one day?! It goes to show the twenty years we infiltrated them occupying them trying to indoctrinate the current generation was for shit. They bitch slapped their hoes back in line. WHY?! can't we atleast rey that here? Collectively at one day all acroos the nation? We can call it Nation Slap A Hoe Day! The logo should be " Stop ya bitching: Get your ass back in the kitchen!" Oh well, I'm half asleep; guess I should stop dreaming now. Oh yeah, next time we have a cunt feminist naked pussy march protest, I hope the "Mexicans" and Muslim rape the shit out of them collectively and the cops do nothing. "Protected class" man: I think the cops learn their lesson with "Saint" George Floyd. This is how we get change, too late as it is.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 2 months ago

They know the true nature of femons and how toxic they are

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