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The Shame Game | Live From The Lair


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Published on 16 Nov 2023 / In Comedy

Shame! Shame! Shame! Why is shame such a thing? Well, we'll break it down tonight at 8 PM EDT!

#Shame #EmotionalDamage #Redonkulas

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ShadowSonata 13 days ago

@DooM_Dude: really sensitive sense of smell, so stuff like Axe makes me ill. Plus I've got dye alleriges. Most of that stuff is automatically out for me.

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DooM_Dude 13 days ago

@ShadowSonata: I don't like perfumes. I use unscented laundry soap. I don't want my clothes smelling anything but clean.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 13 days ago

Good Night.

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Peace out.

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Rusty_Shackleford83 13 days ago

Later fellas

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