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The Safest Lifeboats In The World

Published on 14 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Councilof1 1 month ago

After Titanic you would think people would take it easy with hyperbole. No matter what we make nature can destroy it. Better than an open rowboat though.

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The BIG inflatable ones are cheap cost cutting bullshit for cattle car cruise ships...

I'd hate to be getting into one of them when the waves are HUGE mid ocean storm sized 30 - 50 foot high waves...

But the orange ones.. that are designed for LONG drops - these ones are really fucking good...

I mean really really fucking good.

They are put up on oil rigs that are way above the ocean and they are designed to be run through flaming oceans covered in burning oil etc..

They are life boats - pure and simple... they are designed for the RAPID evacuation for a lot of people, and to escape the disaster area.... and keep everyone alive in possibly very rough seas....

They are not fishing boats, cruise ships, day tripping touristy things....


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