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The Rooster Roller Coaster - MGTOW

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Published on 08 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from El. She sent me a more than generous amount so I thought I'd keep working on my book and share a chapter about the cock carousel. I've been having some issues with a condition known as jeep seat but I'm managing it and my pain is minimal so I'm in a good enough place to do some creative writing. So here's what I've got for this section and I quote: "Why do so many women sleep with dozens of guys by the time they turn 25? Maybe it's because they can't seem to find a one that fits them just right? Their life story up to that point might as well be called goldilocks and her forty cocks. Perhaps it's daddy issues? Whatever the reason they are wasting their time sleeping around instead of locking down one high quality man. They fly around from one man's bed to another like Marry Poppins with no knickers. After they ride the cock carousel for a while they get older and realise they can't do it forever and look around and ask where have all the good men gone? Most of quality male specimens are taken but they want it all. They want to ride two horses simultaneously but they only have one ass. They want lots of sexual experiences while younger and a high quality relationship when older. But there are only so many good men to go around. By the time they are ready to settle down they are all wrinkled up with no place to go in their thirsty depends. Even if they can hold their own with their bladder, adult diapers can still come in handy to quench their tears. As women get older quality males with options are more likely to do a cock-benefit-analysis and realise that smart men don't get married. Especially to frumpy looking bumpkins that do a slow motion transformation from a skinny peach to a fat pumpkin in a sort of reverse cinderella maneuver. Will a man with means and options in his mid to late thirties at the height of his sexual marketplace value go for a woman his own age that looks like a plumpasaurus or gynosaur? Forgetaboutit! So instead she might settle for a starter marriage with a sub standard man. Not Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now. Or maybe she'll be the fool that adopts a barrel full of cats. A good way to know if women are genuinely attracted to you is if they approach you and are interested in you in your teens and early twenties. Those are their prime rooster rollercoaster riding years. If they want to be with you then, you know it's genuine. Because at that age your pockets might not jingle but you can still make her tingle. That when women are still sampling men like all 31 original flavors Baskin Robbins and then some." unquote I hope you guys are enjoying this video as I'm enjoying writing it. I'll share more from my cock carousel chapter in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW
Book Collection Part 2:

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WMHarrison94 22 days ago

Sounds good or rather sound. Keep up the good work. The one mistake I made was to writing for a short time. Now, I am catching back up.

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sauger1001 23 days ago

Nice thumbnail, Sandman. Lol. Glad you're feeling better.

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csehszlovakze 23 days ago

this absolute panic about piracy is such a boomer take! have a private chat with RGE and he'll explain why, and why he doesn't care if Blade Devil gets pirated. also, if you still have problems sitting, you should just dictate your words to your computer/phone, then you can edit a huge chunk of it in one go later.

pic unrelated

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csehszlovakze 22 days ago

apparently I'm still living rent free in @MAC88's head. (who used to be named MACohen)

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NoFemVAL 23 days ago

a relationship with a woman is like buying a car without an odometer you are just guessing how many miles of cock she has had run through her.

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sauger1001 23 days ago

Just observe her attitude. The more miles if sausage she's taken, the nuttier she'll be-Come. Pun intended. Lol.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

How I laughed at this video!
And the best thing is that everything you say is true.
Greetings Sandman.

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