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The Road Warrior (1981 - full movie 720P) Movies Every Man Should See Series


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Published on 01 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

Mad Max 2 (released as The Road Warrior in the United States) is a 1981 Australian post-apocalyptic dystopian action film directed by George Miller, who co-wrote it with Terry Hayes and Brian Hannant. It is the second installment in the Mad Max franchise. The film stars Mel Gibson reprising his role as "Mad Max" Rockatansky and follows a hardened man who helps a community of settlers to defend themselves against a roving band of marauders.[4] Filming took place in locations around Broken Hill, in the Outback of New South Wales.

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kaluz55 1 month ago

Epic. Thanks for posting!

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 2 months ago

The first two Mad Max movies are both must see.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 2 months ago

great film

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