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The Rise of Passport Bros: Self-proclaimed Enlightened Western Men.

Published on 07 Apr 2023 / In Entertainment

Today we are gonna talk about self-identified “enlightened western men”; Passport Bros community.

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sardonicsmile 1 year ago

More people are calling out the ltn who go to 3rd world countries trying to get easy sex. Women's standards are going up INTERNATIONALLY not just in America. She knows that if he had access to women in his own country then he wouldn't be chasing Asian girls.

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NeoGeoGamer 1 year ago

AWALT. Only difference is what the laws are. If the laws are such that women have to behave, then the laws are also such that you will get in trouble for showing up as a sex tourist.
About the middle east, I think westerners are right to fear the middle east. Because if westerners show up to be sex tourists, they will get a taste of the middle east's shoe. Most people just want to work their job and be left alone, but these people have endured extra spicy hard times before, they're not soft like westerners.

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sauger1001 1 year ago

These young kids will learn the hard way, what I (and my younger brother a few years after me) learned during my military deployment over 40yrs ago: The women in Asia are NO DIFFERENT than the women in the West. Enjoy your time there, Buuut (Popp/Blake):

"And don't get married."
The late Vention MGTOW

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