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The Retarded Cunts of Al-Anon Part 1

Published on 03 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

I have been in Al-Anon about 46 years now.... and it is just getting WORSE.

When you get retarded cunts, with a bad case of the know all, know fuck all syndrome, minding everyone elses business, AND then adding the toxic mind fuck entitled attitude of the feminist cult, you get insufferable, idiot women who are absolute cunts to live with.....

Almost all of them these days are nothing but bitchy nasty low IQ man hating psychopaths.

And they are so stupid, they are unreachable and unteachable....

Like I think it was in 1998 (?) that they had 750 meetings in Australia, and now the Sunday School Classes for congenital idiots, is down to around 300 meetings... and falling....

The MORONS running the national service office are now asking the members directly for donations to keep them going while the rusted on old barnicles, do NOTHING in the way of PR or Promotion...

Their websites meeting list, is so fucked with 3 or 4 different font sizes on it, from tiny to huge to miniscule - I told them to tidy it up and make it all legible - and a year later, "Oh the gossip, the gossip the gossip" about me, but nothing is ever fixed.

And they have so much in the way of competitors in the "social maladjustment" market place.... and they are just falling futher and further and futher behind?

Because the women are just money sponging idiots.

They are doing NOTHING to EARN their income, it's just jobs for life for the brain dead and inept.

AND non of the women attending the meetings EVER push to ask questions and ask for results and to market and run the fellowship effectively - Nope they just kick out all the uncucked men who don't have shit for brains.

It will not be long until Al-Anon withers and dies and disappears for ever.

Retarded Arsehole + Feminist Arsehole = Abject Failure.

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slapmonkey 1 month ago

We call em Moobs in Canukistan.

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