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The Reality of Herd Immunity | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 25 Mar 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣Doctors are pushing the term "herd immunity" around like it's comforting. Is it?

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man_power 2 days ago

1% of 8 Million is 80K :) Just saying

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MrA_H0Ie 2 days ago

YES! Old farts DIE. Finally!

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TheBrit 3 days ago

Darwin would love this!

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ancientsea 3 days ago

I just don't care. I don't think this virus will kill me. I suspect I will be sick for three days. If it does kill me I will be alone and my only worry worry will be that other people will have to clean up the corpse and mess. I can't clean up my own mess - I will be dead. Like i said, I DON'T care.

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BH206L3 3 days ago

Well I been taking Vitamin D 5000mg every day for the last 5 years, I got enough for another year. On the positive note, I was informed by my medical insurance plan, have fun you are being dropped on the 31 of this month, got that little bit of news about a week and a half ago. Ok, I get to see my doctor on the 30th and one of the things I am going put to him is that I want an actual prescription written for the medication I am taking and I am taking 4 and which two or three is not really necessary. I want the freedom to shop my meds as I do when I go buy slab bacon and farm fresh eggs. I want to buy at min 180 supply at a time, I can manage to budget for that! My best guess I will be looking for a new Doctor on Tuesday! I am not in any kind of panic since I don't care. What I do care about is that once this has passed, we as a Nation re-order some things and then cut the Chicoms throats- Start will expelling all of them from our Schools and tossing them out of the country. Then oh I don't know maybe cut the oil off, after all, we rule the wave! Just saying it can't ever be business as usual with them, they lied about this.

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