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the real problem with mgtow.mp4

Published on 26 Nov 2019 / In How-to & Style

....not what you think

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poriet 2 days ago

Youre talking through your arse. How do you know that most MGTOW just descend into hedonism?>How many MGTOW do you know out of how many in total?I would have thought this was simple enough even for you to grasp: socialists and other retards gave everybody the vote. All the losers plus all the women now outnumber the only people who actually earn ( men ) and vote for the poxy socialists who promise them free stuff. But these poxy politicians dont have anything so they first steal it off men. Nice one and we call it democracy.
So far so bad. But now these entitled women who have the socialist politicians up they're vaginas, create more and more insane feminist laws. Your Family Court is a male-rape industry - are you fucking blind? MGTOW is not where men join some hedonistic male organisation, it's a philosophy of self-protection from Clown World.
The only way you will ever cure America, or make it great again, is to only give the vote to those with skin in the game: net taxpayers. Women sponging off ex-husbands, single slut-mothers on welfare and anyone else on welfare DONT get the luxury of a vote.
Problem solved. Democracy is Cancer; bring back Patriarchy and MERITOCRACY.

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Ness_2000 3 days ago

You're too optimistic that anything will ever get done. That's not to say that optimism is a bad thing, but you need some rational reasonability to back it up. Save who you care about, and forget those who refuse help.
Also, consider looking into Freemasonry

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scott sanger
scott sanger 8 days ago

mgtow are the symptom, not the cause. MGTOW exists because females are destroying society. empowered females are the reason for sub replacement births....... take females out of the work force and put them back into the baby making business,

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AngryVeganCyclist 6 days ago

I 100% agree with what you're saying, but nobody knows how to make this a reality. So far it seems like only Islam has any chance of doing so.

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HalfaBubbleOffPlumb 9 days ago

"It takes a village to raise a child" -- maybe Hillary was on to something

This is a no brianer. Establish communities of women with baby rabies to pop out and raise kids for a living in exchange for lifetime income by the state. You could select for attractiveness and ban land whales from applying. Also allow choice for women for male procreation partners. You get babies with losers being filtered out on both sides. It would require a societal attitude adjustment, but in an extinction condition, it would fly, no problemo.

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