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Published on 26 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs

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diesalfan 1 year ago

hey AMR, will you add sorting by "most popular" in the videos section?

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There seems to be a never ending suite of "distractions" on Youtube...
It also gets a little tiring - if you know what I mean - and there are other things to do.... instead of staying glued to Youtube and their never ending adds....

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NeoGeoGamer 1 year ago

At least Muslims read their scripture. It's clear to me that most western "Christians" have never read the bible. It's impossible to believe in nice guy pussy Jesus if you read the bible, because he's not a nice guy pussy. He came to warn people and spells out that the next time he comes, it won't be hugs and sermons, it'll be judgement and fire.

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Longshanks 1 year ago

Islam was right about Men. That is, when one liberates sloots, incels will amog each other to oblivion - and destroy civilization in the process.

That's what the NWO is: incels amogging the world with fake AIDs viruses, distorting science and corrupting reality as we know it.

I might start an Islamic faceless channel with the lilting voice recordings and commentary from the Quran mixed with some black pills.

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Lucifer333 1 year ago

You may have a point, Andrew Tate is making islam superpopular these days

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